Boda culture is value of Bodaness
"Guide--open mind, base---strategic innovation, means---technology, target-market and competition" is Boda culture, which accompany Boda all the way from small to large, from large to strong, from China to the world.
At present, it is the target of Boda to establish a world brand for special lubricant made in China and to win honour for our nationality. This target perfectly combines development of Boda and worker’s individual value together, every worker can fully realize individual value and pursuit in the process of setting the international brand of Boda.

Company culture
Open Competition Devotion Innovation
Our mission
Create value for clients and provide beneficial result to society
Provide opportunities to employees, increase benefits to shareholder. 
Business principle
                                                                                         Leading technology  Marketing world  Service first                                                                                   Top brand

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