We aim to the promising future of lubricant made in China.
ualified persons are our most precious fortune, we will and be able to provide a opportunity for a person with lofty ideals.
We are concerned about every worker and their future. Worker’s success is our success. We advocate the belief that workers and the enterprise shall advance and retreat shoulder by shoulder, share weal or woe. We detain talent by means of not only reasonable remuneration but also promising career and genuine friendship. Therefore, on the one hand, we tap the latent power through various effective methods; on the other hand, we permanently open a gate to talents to set their feet on a way leading to success. 
We are always looking for:
Lubricant engineer         Mechanical engineer
Marketing specialist       Anagement expert
International trade specialist   Human resources specialist
Working site: Head office of the company.    
Reward and salary: negotiate face to face.
Recruitment procedures: submit of applicant’s documents, initial interview, special interview, medical check up, offer, probation, formal employment.   
Contact: Mrs Luo
Hotline: 027-81778897          Fax: 027-81778896

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