Research center
Supported by Wuhan Material Protection Institute and Wuhan Chemical Industry College, Wuhan Boda Special Lubricant Technology Limited Company has established a long-term cooperation and partnership with many domestic and overseas institutions and industrial associations such as China Petrochemical Science Institute, China Petroleum Commodities Institute, Japan Energy Institute, American Lubricant Associations and etc. The lubricant product research center is totally in charge of development of product.       
Targets of the center is as follows: develop vigorously national industry, establish a top brand for our lubricants, continuously develop hi-tech products based on theoretical research and trend of market demand, discover new friction and lubrication theory, establish a leading status of our research center in lubrication field.  
Task of Research Center of Wuhan Boda Special Lubricant Technology Limited Company:
1、Research friction, wear and lubrication theories
2、Exploration development trend of lubricant
3、Research key-technology of lubricant
4、Development and research special lubricant, grease and additives.
5、Research national important projects and military products
6、Research and produce oils urgently needed by client
7、Provide total lubricant resolution to enterprise users
8、Help clients to upgrade lubricant or realize domestic production. 
9、Organize technical communication and training course of lubricant technology

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