Analysis and assessment
The analysis and assessment are managed in accordance with corresponding requirement recognized by national lab. We provide analysis for physical and chemical performances of lubricant, bench test, examination and analysis of samples. We also provide monitor service. We have various analyzer over 20 and dozens of assessment items. The test result is accurate, redivivus and authentic.    

Analyzed and tested items are as follows:


Item  Test method

Demulsification GB/T 8022、7305

Appearance  Visual test

Loadability (four bass test) GB/T 3142

Density GB/T 1884、1885

TIMKEN machine test GB/T 11144

neutralization value (acid number) GB/T 264、7304

FZG(or CL-100)gear tester SH/T 0306

Flash point GB/T 267、3536

Bearing use life SH/T 0428

Boiling point SH/T 0089

Liquid phase rust test GB/T 11143

Floc point GB/T 12577

Bearing antirust GB/T 5018

Pour point GB/T 3535

Corrosion SH/T 、0085、0195、0331

Freezing point SH/T 0090

Copper acid corrosion GB/T5096 7326

Solidifying point GB/T 510

Oxidation acid corrosion GJB 563 499,SH/T 0450

Channel point SH/T 0030

Oxidation stability SH/T 0325

Moisture GB/T 260

Chemical stability SH/T 0335

PH value GB/T 7304,SH/T 0086

Heat and humid test GB/T 2631

evaporation GB/T7325,SH/T 0337

Stack test SH/T 0367

kinematic viscosity GB/T 265

Stack corrosion GB/T 12981

Viscosity index GB/T 1995、2541

Oil base stability GB/T 0367

low temperature dynamic viscosity GB/T 6538

Manifold fire test SH/T 0567

Apparent viscosity GB/T 0048

Breakdown voltage (Dielectric strength) GB/T 507

penetration GB/T 269

Equilibrium reflux boiling point SH/T 0430

Long working cone penetration GB/T 269

Rubber compatibility GB/T 12981,SH/T 0436

Dropping point GB/T 3498、4929

Air release value SH/T 0308

Oil distribution (pressure) GB/T 392

Water pour loss SH/T 0109

Oil distribution (steel mesh mat) SH/T 0324

Water resistance and water-ethanol resistance SH/T 0453

Borderline pumping temperature GB/T 9171

Adhesive performance SH/T 0469

Ash content GB/T 508

Lubricity index (LIX) JOSO M 340

Ash content of sulfate GB/T 2433

Torque index (TIX) JOSO M 340

Residual-Carbon GB/T 268,SH/T0170

Detergence index (DIX) JOSO M 341

mechanical impurities GB/T 511,SH/T0336

Smock index (SIX) JOSO M 342

Foam performance GB/T 12579

Gas block index (BIX) JOSO M 34




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