Wuhan Boda Special Lubricant Technology Limited Company has established a platform to provide technical consultancy, product promotion and after-sales services in a form of shortcut, continence and high efficiency. Targets of our services are all lubricant users, agents, manufacturers and research institutes.  
Provide a complete lubricant resolution:
Accurately promote domestic and overseas proper lubricants;
Compile technical plan for domestic lubricant;
Resolve various lubrication difficulties;
Provide use, store and recycle technologies of lubricant;
Organize technical communication and training;
Provide documents about health, safety and environment protection of lubricant;
Provide documents about compatibility between lubricant and other materials;
Provide technical standard and application limitation of lubricant;
Organize chemical test and performance assessment of oil products;
Organize application forum of lubricant;
Research and produce various special lubricants for clients;
Assign technicians to carry out quality feedback, establish oil file, implement regular tracing and monitoring for quality change and predict cycle of oil replacement. 
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