With development of industrial society, continuous exploration and use of natural resources not only facilitates civilization progress and social development but also incurs many environmental problems blocking the way of development and progress of human society even threatening to human life, such as toxic chemical pollution, marine pollution, loss of bio-variety, water resources deficiency. Environment protection is one of three topics of social sustainable development.
Facing to the spoiled environment, Boda has been aware of the fact that he must upgrade technology and management levels, take effective protection measures for environment to reduce environmental pollution and save resources and to protect our entironment.
In a practical way, we are devoting ourselves to develop environmental-friendly lubricants; many kinds of our products are completely biodegradable.
Purpose of this column is to enhance your understanding of our attitude and measures towards environment protection and health and safety of employees and clients. Thank you for your complete understanding and sincere cooperation; it’s a pleasure to receive your suggestions and advice in environmental-friendly lubricant.

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