Wuhan BODA Special Lubricant Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 1998. Its headquarter was located in Wuhan East Lake Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. BODA is the professional manufacturer of spe-cial lubricants integrated with research & development, production, sales and service. There are three categories, about three hundred kinds of lubricants so far. The numbers of employee are more than 150, annual sales revenue has exceeded 60 million Yuan, and thousands of clients spread all over the world. The company has achieved quality accreditation to ISO 9001stansard.

BODA has a full range of special lubricants products. Special lubricants are composed of base oils (such as synthetic hydrocarbon, ester oil, polyether, silicone oil, fluorine oil, etc.), thickeners (lithium complex, polyurea, calcium sulfonate complex, silicon gel, etc.) and proper additives with high performance. These products aim to provide the best solution to friction, lubrication, cooling and seal of wear components under special condition or special medium such as high/low temperature, high speed, high vacuum, heavy load, long life, etc. BODA will provide with the optimal solution no matter the high temperature of 1000℃ or low temperature of -70℃.

BODA has its own technology center and manufacturing base, which is located in Hubei Gedian Economic and Technological Development Zone. The technology center has many experts with PhD or Master degrees. They have the long-term practical experiences on friction, wear, lubrication theory and lubrication mechanism, contribute to developing the novel technology, material, and varieties of lubricating oil, and dedicate to research and application of biodegradable green lubricant with energy saving, low friction and long life. This can be proved through more than 100 independent intellectual property products in the area of synthetic lubricants. The project, synthetic semi-fluid grease for worm gear in low temperature, won SME Innovation Fund in 2013 supported by the Ministry of Science. Manufacturing base has 10 sets of lubricating oil production lines, and 12 sets of grease production lines and dozens of pilotscale equipments. The annual capacity is over 15000 tons. The uses of advanced synthesis, compounding technology and clean workshop guarantee the high quality of products in the industry.

BODA testing center has more than 40 analytical instruments, which can be used to implement all item analysis of lubricants and greases. All of the testing, evaluation, anatomy and application monitoring of the lubricant and greases are in the leading position in the industry. Parts of the product pass the RoHS and the European Union chemicals authentication. Several products have been acknowledged by the domestic and international famous enterprises.

BODA special lubricants have been already known in the domestic and global markets through one-decade development. Products of BODA have already established its competitive advantages in the cement, paper making, electric powder, steel, oil & gas field, compressor, automobile and automobile parts industry. BODA will keep its active in the lubrication fields with its advanced technology, excellent quality and high quality service.




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